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alfredo barcos

Old rockers never die!

Stamped by the 88th Chicago House movement and the Acid House hysteria Alfredo dedicates himself in 1995 to his passion for electronic music and still stands behind the Turntables. In his youth, his heroes J.M. Silk and Farley Jackmaster Funk, along with Philly sound and Hi-NRG have stamp him musically, influencing alfredo to this day. Wit a heart puonding for new adventure he leaves Switzerland and books a One-Way ticket to Tokyo where he soon becomes one of the leading European DJ's in the Shinjuku-homo, Yakuzas and other party-furious scenes.

After two years the homeland calls and Alfredo books a One-Way ticket to Zurich ; via Spain, his "other" native country. Back in Switzerland big success knocks on Alfredo's door through the Mad Friday DJ contest in 2001 leading to a club tour in Switzerland: Lausanne, Basel, Bern, Zurich.

Soo Alfredo searched new impulses in Spain by touring the Vega Baja on east coast and finds a firm place at the Carte Blanche in the clubs between Alicante and Murcia.

He becomes a regular in the metro dance club. Alfredo is an old rocker and feels the Floor like no other; a Mix-Purist of the old school however, thanks to his free mind, he is open for all new adjustments of electronic music and interprets new trends to wear with his retro glasses.

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